Shag Steps We have Learned in Class

Shag Lessons:

Wednesday Nights at 7:30 pm at Margaritas in Surf City.

If you are using a dial up internet connection this will be slow.  To save this video clip to your computer, just right mouse click on the link and left click on save as.  Then you can save this video clip and view it more easily.  Check out these video clips.

New Video Clips March 2012

New Video Clips March 2012

Belly Roll Kelly with the Slide
Boogie Walk Marvin
Camel Milton
Choke Mountain Boogie
Connie Push Belly
Double Pam Romeo
ET Pivot Shadow
Grapevine Side by Side Lady's Sugar Foot
Jive2 Social
Judy Steve & Kathy

Shag Steps

You Go

Belly Roll

Double Pam

Sugar Foot

The Camel

The Kelly with Slide or "Elvis"


Back Walk out of Pivot

ET Pivot

Pull Through Combination

Triple Hook

Double Back Double Boogie

Shuffle Step (Sailor Shuffle)

Revolving Door

Fancy Start (Pivot Start)

Behind the Back

The Pretzel

Knat Cat


 Apple Jack



Ankle Roll

Boogie Train


Push Belly

Double Hook




J and K (Johnny and Kathy)


Alley Roll

Front and Back Boogie

Nick and Terry

The Hitch


Kiss Me or Tuck


Trail with Everything

Pitter Pat

Follow Me


Pause Walk Up

Reverse Belly Roll

Number 1


The Elvis Drop

5 Kick Turn

The Grant

Tom and Connie (1/2 Milton)

Front and Back Boogie

The Dream

Mountain Boogie


I know I have left many out, so please email me with the steps I have forgotten to include

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